Custom error pages in Kohana v3.x

Wojtek on 404, 500, custom, error, exception, kohana, PHP · · Comments · 2 min read

Kohana framework displays really nice and descriptive error messages, for a development environment that is. For production, obviously no error reports should be shown to the user. Instead we should display a pretty "404 Not Found" page, or some other error page. Creating those custom error pages in Kohana v3.x can be a real pain in the... Read more »

How to check jQuery version on a website?

Wojtek on jQuery, version · · Comments · 1 min read

A quick tip how to find out which version of jQuery is loaded on your site. It can come in handy, for example when you’re developing a script for an existing site and you need to find out which version of jQuery has been used. Of course, you can always just look in the HTML code, but this method... Read more »

CSS Triangle

Wojtek on CSS, HTML, triangle · · Comments · 2 min read

Really simple triangles working in all major browsers, including IE6+. HTML No surprises here. Our HTML is as simple as that. <div class="arrow_top"></div> <div class="arrow_right"></div> <div class="arrow_bottom"></div> <div class="arrow_right&... Read more »