CSS Triangle

Wojtek on CSS, HTML, triangle · · Comments · 2 min read

Really simple triangles working in all major browsers, including IE6+. HTML No surprises here. Our HTML is as simple as that. <div class="arrow_top"></div> <div class="arrow_right"></div> <div class="arrow_bottom"></div> <div class="arrow_right&... Read more »

MySQL conditional insert

Wojtek on conditional, insert, MySQL · · Comments · 1 min read

Sometimes I need to insert some values into the database but only when a certain condition is met. The best example is a newsletter sign up. If someone has already signed up to your newsletter, don’t add his email address again. Of course we can run one query to check if this email address already exists and if not... Read more »

Hot off the workshop vol. 2

Wojtek on CSS, HTML, JavaScript, TK Maxx, Venda · · Comments · 1 min read

Website redesign for TK Maxx. Launched just yesterday. Venda coding all the way in the back end and HTML, JavaScript and CSS in the front end. Visit live site What I’ve learnt The biggest challenge was to make the site work in Internet Explorer 6 and 7. One particularly annoying issue was to make the logo stay on top... Read more »

flowplayer not working in IE and Google Chrome

Wojtek on flowplayer, Google Chrome, ie, Internet Explorer · · Comments · 1 min read

flowplayer is an Open Source (GPL 3) video player for the web. Allows you to easily embed video streams into your web pages. While it’s easy to integrate and very powerful, occasionally it may give you headaches especially with cross-browser compatibilities. The most basic configuration looks like this: <script type="text/javascript" src="/js/flowplayer-3.... Read more »