VueJS pass data and methods to child component

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I couldn't find a clear explanation of how to pass both data and methods from parent component to a child component in VueJS. Remember, there's always more that one way of doing almost anything. Below is just one of those ways. More detailed, albeint no so clear, explanation and all the other ways of passing props can be found in... Read more »

Check laptop battery health on Windows 10

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It's good practice to occasionally check the health of your laptop battery. There's a very easy way to do so on Windows 10. Of course there are lots of programs that will give you detailed information on your battery, but the built in command will also give you quite nice report. Open command line Press the Windows Key + x Choose... Read more »

Custom linting rules in NuxtJS and eslint

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NuxtJS is a fantastic framework for creating VueJS applications. It comes bundled with Vue Router, Vuex, Vue Server Renderer and many more. All configured for you out of the box. The problem I have with it, it comes with linting options set to force 2 spaces as indentation. I'm a "tab" guy, so making me use spaces for... Read more »

Configure Mailgun on self hosted Ghost blog

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Mailgun is a fantastic, free service which allows you to send, receive and track emails effortlessly. It's dead easy to integrate with your self hosted Ghost blog. Mailgun configuration Log in to your Mailgun account. Go to "Domains" section. Click on "Add New Domain" and add a subdomain you want to send emails from. Follow on... Read more »

Update Raspbian on Raspberry Pi

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It's highly recommended to update your Raspbian as often as possible to make sure you always have the latest security patches and updates. Manual update Open Pi's console and update package list by running the following command: sudo apt update Then upgrade your packages to their latest versions with below command: sudo apt full-upgrade This should keep you up to... Read more »

Create NodeJS command line script or app

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I wanted to write a simple script that would convert multiple files from one encoding to another. I didn't want anything big or running in the browser. Command line script seemed like the right approach. Coming from a web developer background my first thought was a script written in PHP and converted to a command line app. Just saying that... Read more »

Add reCAPTCHA to NodeJS and ExpressJS app with AJAX form

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Google's reCAPTCHA is great for getting rid of those pesky bots spamming your contact forms. Implementing reCAPTCHA on your site is very easy, albeit somewhat confusing if you try to follow official documentation. Below example assumes you're using NodeJS with ExpressJS for back-end and Pug (formerly Jade) templating engine on the front-end. General principle is the same regardless of languages... Read more »

Enable VNC (virtual desktop) on Raspberry Pi

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Using command line If command line is not your cup of tea and you need graphical interface, Raspbian has just the thing for you. ssh to your Raspberry, (follow my guide here, if you need to set up ssh access as well), Run commandsudo raspi-config Select Interfacing Options, Select VNC, Select Yes. VNC should be active now. You can use... Read more »