Add reCAPTCHA to NodeJS and ExpressJS app with AJAX form

Wojtek on reCAPTCHA, nodejs, expressjs, Google · · Comments · 3 min read

Google's reCAPTCHA is great for getting rid of those pesky bots spamming your contact forms. Implementing reCAPTCHA on your site is very easy, albeit somewhat confusing if you try to follow official documentation. Below example assumes you're using NodeJS with ExpressJS for back-end and Pug (formerly Jade) templating engine on the front-end. General principle is the same regardless of languages... Read more »

Gmail's recent email rendering change

Wojtek on CSS, email, gmail, Google, HTML, image, spacing · · Comments · 1 min read

Problem Gmail recently made a few changes in their email rendering engine. Unfortunately for us our image based HTML newsletters that used to look fine in gmail are now broken. Each image seems to have a weird spacing after it. If you’ve been sending HTML newsletters for your clients for some time now, you probably have your own email... Read more »

Google font api and font directory

Wojtek on api, CSS, font, Google, HTML, Tangerine · · Comments · 1 min read

Google just made our life much easier by announcing Google font api and Google font directory. Using custom fonts on your website is as easy as adding two lines of code. Lets consider this simple example. <html lang="en"> <head> <title>Custom fonts</title> <meta charset="utf-8"... Read more »