Check laptop battery health on Windows 10

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It's good practice to occasionally check the health of your laptop battery. There's a very easy way to do so on Windows 10. Of course there are lots of programs that will give you detailed information on your battery, but the built in command will also give you quite nice report. Open command line Press the Windows Key, then just... Read more »

MySQL PHP PDO error in xampp

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If your PDO scripts are crashing Apache after installing xampp 1.7 for windows all you need to do is: download this package" unzip copy libmysql.dll into xampp\apache\bin and xampp\php restart apache All should be good now.... Read more »

Remove service in Windows

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Usually when you uninstall something, associated service is removed with the software, but sometimes it lingers on. In order to remove service manually you need to: Click Start -> Run… -> type in "regedit" Find the registry entry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/CurrentControlSet/Services Find the service you need to remove and delete the entry. Note:... Read more »