Configure local website on WSL2 with PHP and nginx

Wojtek on WSL, nginx, PHP, Apache · · Comments · 3 min read

I needed to make some changes to an old PHP (Wordpress) site and wanted to quickly run it locally. I don't actively use PHP anymore therefore I didn't want to install XAMPP or anything big like this. The obvious idea was to use WSL to run the site. First I tried with Apache, but for some reason, despite everything being... Read more »

Use apache mod_deflate to compress your files

Wojtek on Apache, compress · · Comments · 2 min read

Compressing CSS and JavaScript files will put a bit more load on the server but its worth doing as it will save you some bandwidth and your site will be delivered faster to your users/visitors. Load mod_deflate First you need to make sure you have mod_deflate module loaded. Check you have this line in your httpd.conf... Read more »

Redirect everyone except my IP

Wojtek on Apache, redirect · · Comments · 1 min read

When you want to patch your site or just make some amends it's a good idea to close the site so that your visitors don’t see the mess you make while patching 🙂 You can easily do it using .htaccess file. I assume you know basics of Apache mod_rewrite so I’m not gonna explain each line. Options +FollowSymLinks... Read more »