Hot off the workshop vol. 1

Wojtek on CSS, Facebook, HTML, JavaScript, MySQL, PHP · · Comments · 1 min read

Just launched. TK Maxx and Red Nose Day campaign applications. Facebook quiz Fun quiz to find out your perfect Red Nose Day t-shirt. View site Website application Upload you photo with Flash uploader, resize it and pan it around with JavaScript then save your results with PHP. View site... Read more »

Get live exchange rates in PHP

Wojtek on currency, PHP, Yahoo · · Comments · 1 min read

Update: Yahoo has since closed down this service. Below script will no longer work. A very simple PHP script to get almost live currency exchange rates from Yahoo Finance. I’m saying "almost" as as far as I know Yahoo updates it with some minor delay. $from = 'GBP'; $to = 'USD'; $url = ' Read more »

Self executing function in JavaScript

Wojtek on function, JavaScript · · Comments · 1 min read

In my last project I needed a function in JavaScript that will execute itself as soon as it’s ready. My first idea was something like that: // declare function function myFunction() { alert('Hello world!'); } // run it when DOM is ready with help of jQuery $(document).ready(function() { myFunction(); }); but in the back of my mind I knew there is... Read more »

Multiple borders with CSS2

Wojtek on border, CSS, multiple · · Comments · 1 min read

How to make a div with multiple borders? Usual approach is to create a div with border then add another div inside that one with different border. We end up with lots of divs inside of other divs. If there only was an easier way to do it in CSS without the need of more divs... There is! :before and... Read more »

HTML5 Where to start?

Wojtek on HTML, html5, markup, semantic, start, tag · · Comments · 3 min read

Everyone is excited about the new kid on the block – HTML5, but where to start and how to use it? There are couple of things you can start using right now with a few hacks for our lovely IE6 and other browsers not yet supporting HTML5. Before we get into it, it’s good to know the level of support... Read more »