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Technorati and their blog claim code

Technorati code: G8GA9E4SYN2J

Recently I wrote about Google making our life much easier. Unfortunately there are still companies that make our life a never ending stream of frustration. Yes Technorati I’m talking about your awesome blog claim process. I was under an impression of mutual benefits from me adding my blog to your directory. You have more blogs in your database providing better search results and I get a bit more exposure thanks to you. In theory that is.

I registered, filled in my profile details and made it to claiming my blog part. After reading a bit vague instructions I guessed you want me to write a new post adding my unique claim code to the body of that post. I did that and surprise, surprise, it’s not working. Googling for problems with your blog claim process returns close to 600 000 results with increase of about 5k a day. I think that’s quite a lot of people who have no clue why it’s not working. Here’s another post by a frustrated blogger. I found at least 4 separate threads in your GetSatisfaction board.

If you haven’t noticed a lot of people have problems with this tedious process.

Guys, admit it already, scanning RSS feeds does not work for most of us. A word of advice, why won’t you do what other services are doing like claiming a blog by adding a meta tag to my homepage, uploading a blank HTML file with my claim code in the filename or maybe requiring an email address in the same domain. Even if someone has access only to admin panel and can’t upload files nor modify meta tags maybe something easy like adding your damn code in my blog’s sidebar could work? No? Sorry for trying.

Your instructions are so unclear as no one seems to know for sure how to make it work.

I’m trying to put your claim code in the beginning of my post so that maybe it will be visible in my RSS’s preview that you’re scanning.

Crossing fingers and hoping for the best.